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how much will shipping cost me?

We ship from Australia and offer two types of shipping for out bath bombs and dust. Our shipping is calculated through weight. 

500 grams or less: $7.50 (this is two bath bombs or one bath dust) 
500 grams to 3kg: $15.00
3kg to 5kg: $20.00

Alternatively, if you are located in Perth, Western Australia you can contact and see if pick up is an available option for you. 


Unfortunately, shipping outside of Australia isn't cost effective. We've looked at all possible shipping options and sadly these are the cheapest prices we can offer. We are aware that is expensive and apologies to our international shoppers. Still, we didn't want to leave you guys out which is why have included the international option, despite the prices. 

500 grams or less: $25.00
500 grams to 3kg: $50.00
3kg to 5kg: $100.00

How do i use your bath bombs/dust?

Bath Bombs

Our bath bombs are made to be large in size which means that sometimes they do sink to the bottom of the bath. It's because of this we have designed them so that they still release foam and bubbles even when they sink. Alternatively, you can run the bath bomb under warm water, crumble it into your bath or even break it in half and watch it float. 

Bath Dust 

Bath Dust is easily one of my favourite products. It's easy to use and its reaction is instant. Open up the pack and pour as little or as much as you would like into the warm water and watch colours come to life. You can also run this under a warm stream of water for more bubbles. 

What is bath dust?

The Bath Dust is the exact same ingredients as the Bath Bombs. However instead of putting the mixture into moulds and compressing them into the bombs we let it dry out until it becomes this soft powder. We designed this product to be more affordable and easy to use for people who are obsessed with a good, relaxing and comfrotable bath, like us!